April Birthstone

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Hello April babies! It is officially spring time and time to reintroduce April’s Birthstone; The Diamond Crystal/Clear Crystal. Now we love all the birthstones, but our Crystal birthstone is the most loved out of them all. Probably due to its versatility, you don’t have to be born in April to add the crystal to your jewellery! 
Colour: Crystal clear! It goes with everything and adds an elegant sparkle to every piece of jewellery. The possibilities are endless.  
Symbolises: It symbolises spiritual, purity and perfection. Promoting courage and health. 
Fun Fact: Named as the ‘King of all Birthstones’ as it is the most popular gemstone to date, making it the perfect choice for an April Birthday Gift or for anyone in your life you likes a little sparkle.  
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Love Holly & Team Orli x